50 Blankets Donated to City Rescue Mission Lansing

The Michigan State Spartans Blanket for a Blanket line provided 50 new non-branded blankets to City Rescue Mission Lansing. For each blanket purchased, one is locally given to a person in need. For over 100 years, City Rescue's mission has been to serve men, women and children by providing food, shelter and hope to their physical bodies as well as their spirits. 

Pictured below is Tiffany, Director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries, in one of the dorms for single women.

According to Laura Grimwood, Director of Communications, the donation blankets are currently being utilized at the women and children's shelter. She explained that the smaller, more intimate rooms are saved for the women with children. "Last year, we had 152 people stay at the Mission; 88 of those were women and children," shared Grimwood. "We use quilts on our beds, but the blankets come in handy during those extra cold days that we experience here in the “mitten” state."

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Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins