80 Blankets to Dry Bones Denver

With A Purpose donated 80 blankets to Dry Bones Denver whose staff and volunteers work with homeless youth and "street kids" from 12 years old to mid-twenties. The average age of those they meet is 18-20 years. Denver is known across the United States for its high population of homeless youth  recorded at over 900 people in 2013) with so many of those hoping to travel through getting stuck instead and finding comfort in a city of so many others like themselves.


By offering food, friendship, classes, counseling and more; those at Dry Bones Denver are able to help rescue those in need out of the depths of their circumstances and place them in a position to experience restoration. The nonprofit's name is very fitting as it comes from a Biblical story that teaches how even dead things can come to life. 

"Thanks again for everything," said staff member Jordan Siebold about distributing the blankets in The Mile High City. "The kids were super grateful last night!" With A Purpose's Blanket for a Blanket line uses the BUY A Blanket, GIVE A Blanket model to locally donate a blanket for every blanket that is purchased.  

Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins