400 Blankets Received by UNITY of Greater New Orleans

Pictured above: Joseph Heeran-Mueller and volunteer Kelli Kingston.

With a Purpose donated 400 blankets to UNITY of Greater New Orleans made possible by purchases from the LSU Tigers Blanket for a Blanket line. This award-winning nonprofit has connected over 60 local agencies in efforts to serve and house individuals and families affected by homelessness. Since 1992, UNITY has led the charge in community collaboration in efforts to see homelessness eradicated in New Orleans by 2017.


Following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans homeless population increased five times than its previous record. While homeless rates are still high (with those who are disabled being the most vulnerable), it became the first major city in the United States to end homelessness among veterans. Joseph Heeren-Mueller, Community Engagement Manager elaborated on this, "Since Jan 2, 2015, we have maintained functional zero by housing an additional 191 newly homeless veterans within an average of 27 days from the time they first land on the street or in emergency shelter."

Heeren-Mueller said of those impacted by the  UNITY Warehouse program, "These folks have few to no resources; and their needs are many. Having basic housing supplies eases the critical transition to permanent, stable housing." He added, "The contributions of blankets from With a Purpose are a key factor in permanently ending the homelessness of hundreds of New Orleans residents."

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Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins