1500 Blankets Distributed by With A Purpose Nationwide

Though the summer months proved to be warm nationwide, With A Purpose, from May-August about 1500 blankets were sent to nonprofits local to the collegiate lines With A Purpose carries, such as St. Vincent de Paul located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This organization recently received 280 blankets and has multiple programs that serve those suffering in the community through feeding, sheltering and supplying aide to those in need. Gotcha Covered, a With A Purpose partner,also contributed over 2300 items such as pillowcases, sheets, shams and other miscellaneous linens.

Local residents came alongside each other during the dire circumstances due to the record flooding. Claire Cashio, lives in Baton Rouge and helped to distribute many of the items to friends and family members in need and others throughout the hard hit areas. She even set aside her own finances to buy pillows that would serve as a comfort for those forced to go without.


(Pictured below.) Claire shared a photo of a trailer she witnessed, "This was a lucky one, they had a tent."

"Simply utter devastation," said Cashio describing the scene (pictured bove) as she gave away the donated items "People are trying to live in those trailers...I had a grown man tear up when I handed him enough blankets for his whole family." She, in turn, was moved by the gratitude she experienced from many of the displaced residents in the community.


Following the disastrous flooding in Baton Rouge, a young person makes a bed out of a cardboard box and a towel.

In July, With A Purpose dedicated 305 blankets for disaster relief to Union Mission in Charleston, WV after the severe severe storms and flooding in the region. Gov. Tomblin declared a State of Emergency for 44 counties and 150 members mobilized the National Guard. American Red Cross volunteers were also a part of responding to the crisis and the state also qualified for federal disaster relief assistance to help with recovery efforts.

Over 31,900 blankets have been donated to date by With A Purpose. Stay tuned for more Blanket Drop Stories!

Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins