350 Blankets Donated to Homeless Alliance OKC

The Homeless Alliance of OKC today distributed many of the 350 donation blankets that they received from With a Purpose in connection with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State blanket sales.

Executive Director Dan Straughan noted, "We had our big Christmas party in the day shelter today, and everybody got a blanket, thanks to you!"

Straughan shared a photograph that was especially touching to him, "This man introduced himself as 'THE Marvin Gaye, but please don't tell people because they pester me for my autograph.' He was not joking."

He explained that the man is very representative of the population their organization serves who often have serious and persistent mental illness. The blankets are making a notable impact in the lives of people such as these who Straughan and the Homeless Alliance have not forgotten.

Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra