Blankets Protecting Dozens of Lives in Kansas

With a Purpose may have saved lives in Lawrence, KS last night. Kyle Roggenkamp of Ballard Community Services in Lawrence, KS sent this story on the morning of January 7, 2015 after a night during which the city experienced a a -20 degree windchill. Blankets were donated to Ballard's Penn House via Kansas Jayhawks blanket for blanket purchases.

"The Bert Nash Homeless Outreach Team, a homeless serving agency, came to Penn House yesterday in need of blankets for the extreme cold this week in Kansas (minus twenty wind chill this morning).  When they saw these blankets and what we still had, they almost cried.

"We gave them over 50 blankets, two for each of their clients, and they are even KU colors, our local college team.  Go Hawks! 

"Kelly Martin from the Homeless Outreach Team stated, 'Without these blankets, who knows what would happen to our clients who have to sleep outside. It’s hard to even think about.' That just happened yesterday!

"You guys are the top notch around here about now. Those blankets could have saved those lives. We’ll never know, but we do know that they were in the least, a bit warmer."

Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra