140 Blankets Sent to TSA Oakland Garden Center from Cal Purchases

Cal Blanket for a Blanket purchases provided 140 With a Purpose donation blankets to The Salvation Army Oakland Garden Center. They recently distributed many of the blankets to low income and homeless families at Hoover Elementary School. “The blankets are exactly what we needed. This will help my family in a big way,” said Maria, mother of four, including two who attend the school.

“We are happy to see the blankets make such an impact. We know that it is something relatively small, but it really does go a long way,” remarked Lt. David Harth of The Salvation Army in Oakland. “People appreciate when you genuinely try to help.”

Regarding the donations and the event, the organization wrote, "The Salvation Army in Oakland is always looking to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community. Making an impact on somebody’s life can come in a variety of ways; even something as simple as a warm blanket on a cold day. Partnering with organizations like With a Purpose, allows us to make that impact."

Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra