98 Blankets for Salvation Army in Fayetteville

The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas located in Fayetteville received nearly 100 blankets generated by Arkansas Razorbacks Blanket for a Blanket purchases. Dawn Rodriguez who works at the Northwest Arkansas Area Command wrote a note that poignantly illuminated the impact the blankets are having. 

Thank you for the blankets that were sent to The Salvation Army to assist us with meeting the needs of so many in our areas. During the winter months we open our shelters to accommodate even more people to help protect from the cold. Recently we received ice and then snow which shut down surrounding areas and limited services available to clients. We kept our doors open 24/7. The blankets have helped us to keep those warm that come to us in times of need. Not just in our shelters but also to stay warm in their homes.

I am attaching a photo of a client with one of the purple blankets. You can tell by the look on her face how excited she was to receive it. She said, as she pulled the blanket over her shoulder, "Now I really can stay warmer!" followed by "Wow, this really is warm and so soft!"

I've always said that a warm blanket is just like a hug. It brings comfort to not only the body but the spirit as well.


Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra