Day 1 - Fall 2015 Blanket Drops Tour - 1,000 Blankets Alabama Red Cross

We just finished Day 1 of our Fall 2015 Blanket Drops Tour. Christy DeBusk (pictured below) is part of the team that organizes responses to disasters in the Alabama region including a fire yesterday (Monday, October 26th) at the Birmingham Trade Towers in downtown Birmingham that forced the evacuation of 80 elderly individuals. Dozens of the 1,000 blankets With a Purpose provided to the Alabama Region American Red Cross have been transported to help keep the affected people warm in a temporary shelter at a nearby church.

While the blankets With a Purpose sends are a valuable resource, DeBusk noted that the Red Cross's greatest current need across the United States is for increased volunteerism. Volunteers are able to choose their preferred area of service and develop valuable leadership skills while tangibly benefiting people in need. Anyone interested in volunteering for the American Red Cross can find opportunities near their zip code HERE.  

Special thanks to customers who have made the donation to the Red Cross possible by their purchases of the Auburn Tigers Blanket for a Blanket and the Alabama Crimson Tide Blanket for a Blanket.

Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra