200 Blankets Delivered to Mission Waco in Texas


With a Purpose recently donated 200 1-for1 blankets to Mission Waco in Waco, TX. The majority of these donations were made possible by sales from Baylor Bookstore and Baylor Stadium Shops which are both run by Follett. The Baylor Bears Blanket for a Blanket program partners with nonprofit organizations to benefit those in need. With a Purpose has donated 18, 555+ blankets overall through its Blanket for a Blanket programs. In December 2014, the company made its first donation to Mission Waco.

Mission Waco follows one of the three main focus initiatives With a Purpose aims at benefiting: Housing Agencies/Homelessness (alongside Veterans and Disaster Relief organizations). It came out of a couple's joined missional heart to love and provide help for people in need at a grassroots and relational level. In the late 1970s, Jimmy and Janet Dorell moved to a neighborhood in North Waco. After two decades of serving the youth and impoverished of Texas, the Dorells were granted $75,000 by Christian Mission Concerns to start Mission Waco. The organization focuses on empowering those they serve through relationship-based programs, encouraging middle-class volunteerism and engaging the systematic issues that undermine those who are poor and marginalized.

Shown above above is a Mission Waco staff member (left) and volunteer (right). Currently, there are about 65 members between full-time and part-time staff. Last year, over 2,800 volunteers served 30,000+ hours across all the programs at Mission Waco.


Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins