Blanket for a Blanket Launch! #WAPB4B

Imagine not having a blanket to keep you warm.  Well, we did.  And it wasn't very fun.


Knowing the challenges that many Americans face during the winter months to keep warm, especially the homeless, we decided that we wanted to use the power of sustainable business practices to help.  


So, we bring you our very first product launch, the Blanket for a Blanket Collegiate Line.  It is a "1 for 1" cause marketed product where for each one you BUY, we will GIVE one to someone in need.  The retail blankets will be 50"x70" in size, made of polyester fleece, and feature your favorite university's logo and colors.  


This is the first ever collegiate licensed cause marketed product targeting positive social impact for those struggling through the challenges of homelessness.  We couldn't be more excited to come alongside and support non-profits that are doing amazing work in communities all over the US to help bring others from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  


We hope something as simple as warmth through the donation of a new blanket to someone in need will inspire them and help them through this process. 

Josh Helland
Josh Helland