What is #WAPB4B?


So, what is #WAPB4B?  


You will see this all over our site.  Well, it is a hashtag we created to denote our With a Purpose (WAP) Blanket for a Blanket (B4B) line...thus WAPB4B.


We want our customers and fans to use this as much as possible when mentioning our products online and on social media.  


We also have university specific hashtags that you will see on our site and in our social media presence.  


#KUB4B is for the Kansas Jayhawks Blanket for a Blanket.


#SDSUB4B is for the San Diego State Aztecs Blanket for a Blanket...and so on.


Happy #hashtagging (not sure if that is a word:-)!



Josh Helland
Josh Helland