180 Blankets for Christmas to Downtown Women's Center LA

On Monday, the family and I (Nick) were able to bring 180 solid color donation blankets to the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles. Most of the blankets were distributed yesterday as Christmas presents to the women the center serves! To date, With a Purpose has donated more than 30,420 blankets!

Lauren Le Ber, Community & Corporate Engagement Coordinator at DWC, took us on a tour of the facility and talked to us about their services and history (see pictures and story below).


Nick and Lauren take a picture with some of the blankets being donated to the Downtown Women's Center before they are wheeled in to be grouped with other Christmas gifts for the women.


Here, we stop by a picture--actually a finger painting, see the next picture for a closeup of the description of how it was created--of DWC Founder Laura Halverson and her friend Rosa who inspired her to start DWC in 1978 after seeing that there were few resources for women on the streets.


Here's a closeup of the caption.

One of the highlights of the center is the rooftop garden.

Here, Lauren told us that in addition to the day services it provides, DWC gives more than 70 women long-term housing in the rooms towering above us. Another 45 are housed at another campus. Additionally, 55 women with children are provided housing by DWC at locations scattered throughout Los Angeles. Incredibly, DWC finds that 95% of the women they support with such housing have remained housed.

Here, a few of the kids take a picture above in the rooftop garden overlooking the city.


Nick Bundra
Nick Bundra