500 Blankets to The Homeless Alliance OKC

Recently, The Homeless Alliance received 500 blankets from With A Purpose at their Day Shelter in Oklahoma City. The organization annually hosts a holiday party for its clients. With A Purpose has been able to participate in the party the past few years, benefiting those in need by providing blankets for gift bags distributed during the event. Thanks to purchases from Blanket for a Blanket lines, 350 donation blankets were delivered in 2014 and 500 blankets last winter. Through the BUY a Blanket, GIVE a Blanket model, each collegiate blanket purchased enables a donation blanket to be given locally to a person in need.

Kinsey Crocker, Director of Communications shared about the success of their holiday party, which was held the week before Christmas:

"The blankets were a huge blessing. We held our Day Shelter Christmas party the Friday before the coldest weekend we have had in years, " reported Crocker. "Temperatures dropped to negative numbers, and the Oklahoma winds were brutal. The blankets came just in time to provide a little extra warmth for our guests."

 The gift bag and blanket distribution followed a Christmas breakfast with live music. Beyond the food and entertainment, Crocker emphasized that the blankets were of vital value. "More than half of our guests at the Day Shelter are unsheltered, meaning they don’t go to overnight shelters but instead stay on the streets, in tents, and other places that aren’t meant for human habitation. Having these blankets is literally a life saver." 

To date, With a Purpose has donated 32,650+ blankets overall.

Victoria Hawkins
Victoria Hawkins