April 09, 2016

100 Blankets Donated to 7 Hills Homeless Center

Thanks to purchases from the Arkansas Razorbacks Blanket for a Blanket program, 100 donation blankets were delivered to 7 Hills Homeless Center in Fayetteville, AR. Focused on bringing quality services to the homeless and poor in Northwest Arkansas, 7 Hills offers multiple educational and relational opportunities to assist in their clients' success. Most of the over 2,000 people who find themselves homeless in Benton and Washington counties are families with children (veterans make of the remainder).
"Thanks again for the blankets," said 7 Hills Program Director Melissa Moon. Shown above: Jeff Walker (client specialist) and Deja Glover (case manager).
According to 7 Hills, those in need may ultimately find themselves homeless as a result of 'individual factors' like substance/ domestic abuse, divorce and job loss or 'structural' factors' such as weak safety nets, lack of affordable income and limited income. With selfless volunteers and a supportive community around them, freedom from their current circumstances are within reach. With A Purpose is honored to give blankets to this wonderful organization.
April 02, 2016

400 Blankets Received by UNITY of Greater New Orleans

Pictured above: Joseph Heeran-Mueller and volunteer Kelli Kingston.

With a Purpose donated 400 blankets to UNITY of Greater New Orleans made possible by purchases from the LSU Tigers Blanket for a Blanket line. This award-winning nonprofit has connected over 60 local agencies in efforts to serve and house individuals and families affected by homelessness. Since 1992, UNITY has led the charge in community collaboration in efforts to see homelessness eradicated in New Orleans by 2017.


Following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans homeless population increased five times than its previous record. While homeless rates are still high (with those who are disabled being the most vulnerable), it became the first major city in the United States to end homelessness among veterans. Joseph Heeren-Mueller, Community Engagement Manager elaborated on this, "Since Jan 2, 2015, we have maintained functional zero by housing an additional 191 newly homeless veterans within an average of 27 days from the time they first land on the street or in emergency shelter."

Heeren-Mueller said of those impacted by the  UNITY Warehouse program, "These folks have few to no resources; and their needs are many. Having basic housing supplies eases the critical transition to permanent, stable housing." He added, "The contributions of blankets from With a Purpose are a key factor in permanently ending the homelessness of hundreds of New Orleans residents."

For more information visit click on the links above and stay tuned for more Blanket Drop Stories coming this Spring!


March 25, 2016

60 Blankets Delivered to Knox Area Rescue Ministries


Through the Tennessee Volunteers Blanket for a Blanket line, With A Purpose donated 60 non branded blankets to Knox Area Rescue Ministries (aka KARM), a non profit ministry located in Knoxville, TN. Community volunteers have been serving individuals in need of food and shelter for over 55 years. Their belief is that 'rescue' is available through building 'relationships' which allows men, women and families to be 'restored' to lives of health and wholeness.


KARM's emergency and residential shelters provide housing for close to 400 people nightly. During the day, KARM offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to all those in need of food. About 1,000 meals are served each day to men, women and families. Multiple educational courses and recovery services are made available as well.

With a Purpose is proud to work alongside KARM to give support and warmth to the vulnerable souls in need of rescue in Tennessee. Overall 30,420 blankets have been donated to date through the Buy A Blanket, Give A Blanket program. Stay tuned for more Blanket Drop Stories!

March 22, 2016

500 Blankets to The Salvation Army of Waco

With A Purpose donated 500 blankets to The Salvation Army of Waco's Red Shield Men's Lodge & Sally's House. Purchases from the Baylor Bears Blanket for a Blanket  program benefited people in need through the Buy A Blanket, Give A Blanket model. The Men's Lodge is an emergency shelter that is open nightly for the homeless. Sally's House serves women and women with children in the community.

Thank you to all those who help us change lives in Texas. Visit withapurpose.us for more information on product and non profit partner information. Stay tuned for more Blanket Drop Stories this Spring!


March 06, 2016

Chambersburg Cold Weather Drop In Shelter & CandleHeart Ministries Distribute 200 Blankets

The Penn State Nittany Lions Blanket for a Blanket program benefits multiple local nonprofits with new donation blankets for those in need. With the Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket incentive, for each blanket purchased a nonbranded blanket is given away. With A Purpose donated 200 blankets to Chambersburg Cold Weather Drop In Shelter and CandleHeart Ministries.


Chambersburg Cold Weather Drop Shelter celebrates its 10th anniversary of serving those in need during the winter months. This seasonal shelter offers a hot meal and a warm bed for men and women from December through April. Local churches/organizations and groups provide food each night while volunteers inform guests of housing opportunities and other available resources.

CandleHeart Ministries is a live-in recovery program in Chambersburg focused on helping individuals and families achieve healthy independence within their community. From Drug and Alcohol Counseling to Inner Healing Counseling, CandleHeart offers a variety of services working towards the wholeness of each person in their care. 

These faith-based organizations are creating visable change in their communities. Purchasers of the Blanket for a Blanket programs share in positively affecting the people they serve. Together we are all making a difference for those in need in Pennsylvania! 


CandleHeart paired this message with participants' blankets. 





February 27, 2016

200 Blankets Distributed by MadCAAP in Canton

Recently, 200 blankets were delivered to Madison Countians Allied Against Poverty (MadCAAP) in Canton, Missssippi. This nonprofit is dedicated to serving the impoverished individuals and families living in Madison County. The Mississippi State Bulldogs Blanket for a Blanket purchases contributed to the donation blankets given by MadCAAP. With A Purpose's Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket program locally donates a non-branded blanket to benefit a person in need for each blanket purchased.

 Volunteers preparing to hand out blankets in Madison County.  

 MadCAAP offers a variety of services for its clients including housing and emergency assistance. Since 1985, volunteers have promoted education alongside meeting the basic needs of those in the community through initiatives such as their clothing distribution program and food pantry. Serving over 1,700 families annually, MadCAAP demonstrates that budgeting classes are just as important as building houses. 

 Donation blankets were given to client families; all of those MadCAAP serves live below the poverty level.

February 20, 2016

640 blankets Distributed by People's City Mission Nebraska

This winter With A Purpose donated 640 blankets to a nonprofit in Lincoln, NE serving those in poverty and affected by homelessness (including veterans) in their community called People's City Mission. Thanks to those who purchased from the Nebraska Cornhuskers Blanket for a Blanket program, individuals in need were provided with warmth this season. Through the Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket initiative, With a Purpose gives a blanket locally for each blanket purchased.


       "Thanks again for such a wonderful donation to our guests!", exclaimed Pastor Tom Barber of People's City Mission in Nebraska.


Originally started by a group of local churches, the nonprofit has been and continues to be about community-lead service. For over a hundred years, they have provided food, clothing, shelter and emergency services to the needy in Lincoln. Many of the staff involved in their numerous programs are volunteers lending their talents and time, including the mission's Free Medical Clinic. 

With over 10% of Nebraskans living in poverty, People's City Mission is a blessing to the 30,000 that they serve each year. Lincoln's community-wide effort is a beacon of love for those in need. Read more Blanket Drop Stories here.

February 13, 2016

80 Blankets for Housing Transitions, Inc. Distributed in Centre County

With A Pupose delivered 80 donation blankets to Housing Transitions, Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. Purchases from the Penn State Nittany Lions Blanket for a Blanket program helped benefit individuals and families in need of housing through the Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket model. Housing Transitions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping their clients obtain increased independence by making comprehensive services available.

Housing Transitions began as a homeless shelter in 1984 with the belief that stable housing conditions enable people in need to focus on achieving self-sufficiency in other areas of their lives. The organization has grown into the main provider in Centre County for people seeking housing resources. Homeless and housing agencies represent one of the three initiatives With A Purpose is committed to benefitting through their Blanket for a Blanket programs.

February 02, 2016

280 Blankets to Veterans4usa in Michigan

With A Purpose donated 280 blankets though the Michigan State Spartans Blanket for a Blanket* line to Veterans4usa in Clare, Michigan. Veterans4usa is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating those who have served in the armed forces about suicide and PTSD. As they bring awareness to these individuals, families and communities they also help these brave men and women integrate back into civilian life through the difficult changes that come. 

Veterans4usa offers support groups, job preparation and living assistance programs for its clients.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness 2015 report, the homeless population in the United States is decreasing but there are still many lives in need of change. 25.5% of homeless people in America are veterans and Michigan is one of thirteen states with the highest (more than 0%) overall percentage of homeless persons (at 2%). With A Pupose is committed to giving veterans in need some additional comfort as they seek to overcome homelessness, find employment and become financially sufficient. For each Michigan State Spartans Blanket for a Blanket* purchased,  a Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket donation (pictured above) is given someone one need. 


*This product is currently sold out, click on this link to reserve a blanket when they become available. 

January 29, 2016

Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show 2016

We just spent the first part of this week at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas, NV. The Blanket for a Blanket model continues to generate a lot of interest, and we were excited to find out that a picture of our product from last year's show had just been featured on the front page of SportsRetailer!

And, of course, here's the picture of our booth displaying many of our current product lines.