Blanket Drops

Our Blanket Drop program supports three specific areas of need in the United States. As part of our Blanket for a Blanket program, we have donated 34,700+ blankets. This includes more than 31,970 donated to domestic nonprofits plus international donations.



Throughout the nation, veterans everywhere are suffering from homelessness. Having represented the United States of America in wars across the globe, these brave men and women return home with a range of combat-related injuries, limited services, skills that are often non-transferable to civilian life, post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental issues that get in the way of their ability to find the employment they need to support themselves financially. Though they remain some of the most respected individuals in America today, studies show that veterans constitute 26% of the homeless population throughout the continental United States, and nearly 33% of the country’s population of homeless males. Through their “Blanket for a Blanket” line, With a Purpose strives to help these veterans the best they can by giving them an added comfort they greatly deserve. 


We will partner with agencies that support veterans in need as our benefactors to distribute the giveback blankets and propel veterans back on their feet.


Housing Agencies

Across the globe, homelessness is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue. In the United States alone, there are nearly 650,000 people living on the streets, or in homeless shelters, on any given night. After extensive research, studies have shown that the best, and most profitable, solution to the homelessness epidemic is through Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)—a government-sponsored program that provides stable, supportive housing to homeless individuals suffering from mental illness. As a result, With a Purpose has promised to use its “Blanket for a Blanket” line to give one blanket to individuals enrolled in this program for every blanket sold.


We will partner locally/regionally with emergency shelters and transitional and permanent housing agencies in the vicinity of each university to receive and distribute the giveback blankets which are a huge need for these agencies.


Disaster Relief Organizations

In recent years, we have watched as disasters like Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, terrorist attacks, and even the recent fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX have left large numbers of individuals without homes. These individuals are people, just like you and me, who lost everything they have due to disasters and tragedies that were completely out of their control. As a result, With a Purpose has promised to work with disaster relief organizations and first-responders helping people displaced from their homes—in the vicinity of the universities it has currently partnered with—to distribute giveback blankets to those who desperately need them. 


We will quickly support first responders and disaster relief organizations who are working with people displaced from their homes to receive and distribute our giveback blankets.