Blanket for a Blanket


Our Blanket for a Blanket product line


It's simple.  You BUY a Blanket.  We GIVE a Blanket.  


Our Inspiration

Throughout our many years working with organizations supporting homeless individuals and families all over the US, we found that there was a big need for blankets to help those in need stay warm and comfortable.  We thought what better way to come alongside and support these organizations by using what we know about business to develop a sustainable product line that would allow us to donate new blankets for each blanket purchased.  So, we did it and we can't wait to share it with everyone. 


How does it work

For every wholesale or retail blanket purchased, we will donate a second solid color, non-branded blanket to someone in need.  

We look to partner with organizations in the local area of each university that help support veterans in need, homeless housing agencies, and disaster relief recovery.

By partnering locally, we allow the university, it's students, alumni, and fans, and all participating retailers to be a part of the giveback story.  We hope this local outreach and involvement will bring more education, awareness, support, and remedy to those struggling daily with homelessness.